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Dog-Friendly Villa Rules

Arcadia Resort is happy to welcome guests traveling with their four-legged family members in our designated dog-friendly villas! Please note, cats are not allowed in ANY Arcadia villa. 

To ensure these properties are well-maintained during your visit, guests are required to acknowledge and agree to Arcadia Resort's dog-friendly rules and will need to sign an additional dog-friendly rental agreement after booking. ALL DOGS MUST BE APPROVED BY ARCADIA RESORT BEFORE CHECK-IN. Upon approval, a $500 deposit is required and $250 of that is refundable after check-out if the property is left in good condition and the following dog-friendly property rules are followed for the duration of the stay. Emotional support, therapy, and comfort dogs are restricted to pet friendly properties with applicable deposit required. 


  1. Properties are dog-friendly only. Quantity and weight limit of dogs vary per property. See individual listings for details. All dogs must be at least 1-year-old (no puppies). 
  2. Guest is required to provide up-to-date rabies vaccination record upon request. 
  3. Dogs are not permitted in any community area including the pool, clubhouse, amenity area, and lap pool area. 
  4. Dogs must be kept under control and on a leash AT ALL TIMES when outside the property per Santa Clara City laws. We welcome you to walk your dog on the outer perimeter sidewalks of the property and request you do not walk your dog on the interior sidewalks that run along the pool and amenity area. 
  5. Dogs must not be left unattended inside the property unless crated. As the villa is a new environment to your dog with smells, sounds, and things they are not familiar with, we require dogs to be crated when left unattended for their safety and in consideration of the villa's contents. Dogs can do funny, (and sometimes not so funny) things when acclimating to new spaces. Crating your dog when leaving them unattended also helps protect you from being liable for damages they could cause when left unattended outside of a crate. Please plan to bring an adequate crate for your dog. 
  6. Dogs will be dogs, and we understand that means occasional barking. However, if the barking is uncontrollable and disruptive beyond expected levels, you may be asked to remove the dog from the property and find boarding at your expense. You would be required to provide proof of boarding to Arcadia Resort. 
  7. Dogs must be housebroken. Guest is responsible for cleaning up ALL dog refuse on the interior or exterior of the property. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A FORFEIT OF THE REFUNDABLE PORTION OF THE DEPOSIT. 
  8. Guest agrees that pet-related damages, loss, and expense related to excess cleaning will result in a forfeit of the refundable portion of the deposit. This includes any dog-related damage or cleaning required on furniture or carpets. Excessive damage exceeding the deposit amount will be charged to the card on file. Damage protection fees included on the reservation WILL NOT cover pet-related damages or cleaning. 
  9. Arcadia Resort reserves the right to ask follow-up questions regarding your dog, and if necessary, inspect the property for damages mid-stay. 
  10. Failure to follow the dog-friendly rules will result in immediate eviction from the property with no refund. 

Unauthorized pets will result in a $1,000 fine to the card on file and immediate eviction from the villa.